i spilled my wine (Tatiana Cafaro)

Tatiana Cafaro¬†has been writing since she could hold a pen, but back then it was probably scribbled in Crayola Tickle Me Pink and papers covered in apple juice. As a writing major, she now writes when she can’t make sense of the world or when whatever mess of emotions inside her is too much to contain. There still may be apple juice stains everywhere.¬†

five sticks

nitrogen gas

about 30+ p.c. uniforms and

misguided blue hair at the end of the

line, a ten foot gap between him &

them, just barely running to catch up & i now

you want to give up on


three petals

one lone turd


a red straw

patterns on the pavement

i lost count of leaves fallen

one leaf, almost too perfect

i’m sitting at the entrance of the park