Liz Hernández is a designer, mud spinner and top chiller from Mexico City.

Neha Dharker was born in India and brought up in California, and chose to begin her career path in Animation at California College of the Arts. As a child, she would always draw and doodle on homework assignments but she never thought that she would eventually want to build a career out of drawing and animation. Although she began on her path a lot later than most of her peers, she hopes to take little funny stories from herlife and transform them into animated shorts, television series, and hopefully a full-length feature film.

Vivian Harp is a curious being raised in the redwoods of Northern California. She currently resides in Oakland CA while studying illustration at California College of the Arts. Observing the relationships between people, their emotions, and the objects around them intrigues her artistic expression in painting, drawing, crafting and sculpture. To elevate her process of interpreting the natural world she aspires to create street art that involves the community, numerous collaborations in all mediums, live in the wilderness, be on Neil Gaiman’s mental level, write and illustrate children’s books, hold many hands and handstands, travel the world via working on organic farms, and find the meaning or non meaning of life.

Caroline Gorman is a bay area P@rTy gurl who as been distinguished by her “intelligent looking face”. Like her predecessor Carrie Bradshaw, Gorman writes about sex, love, and the pursuit of a better-looking apartment (smoking!) in Manhattan. Delving into the deep questions of life, Gorman’s poetry leaves us with many, but ultimately one burdening question, “When it comes to bags, men and cities, its it really what’s on the outside that counts?”

 Bonny Nahmias is a third year sculpture student at California College of the Arts. She was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved to the US in 2006. She likes to work with many mediums and different materials, including metal, glass, ceramics, plaster, paper, textile, photography, performance art and video.  All come together to express an idea or a concept. Global and social issues like identity, confusion, longing, and unity, play major roles in her work.  For her, art is a vessel through which she travels along the whispers of her own psychoanalysis.

Alexandra Phelps is an artist, illustrator, and experimenter from southern California, currently living in Oakland. She searches for a sense of place by trying to make other people feel in an attempt to understand her own feelings. Her passions include light, sound, texture, emotion, food, plants, sleep, stories, skin, and forming connections.

Marissa Comstock is a senior at California College of the Arts majoring in Animation. She is studying character rigging which is the art of giving 3D models control systems so that an animator can animate the character. She comes from a fine arts background but has since become enamored with programming and technical art. She hopes to work at a Visual Effects Studio and eventually be a technical director for a feature film. When she’s not on her computer working on animation she’s out with her dog, Dakota, getting fresh air.

Jillian McCann is an artist living and working in Oakland, CA.  She builds immersive installations involving the themes of home and comfort.  Jillian is graduating in May and plans to spend two years in Southeast Asia building alternative structures and homes.

Jeffrey Bussey sprawls in Oakland, CA.

Nico Pilskin is an artist living in Oakland, California. He enjoys painting and drawing.

Morgan de Lorenzo is a Oakland based artist. Currently studying painting at California College of the Arts. Morgan’s work inspired by the everyday hustle of modern life, his two dogs and his wife.