Caroline Gorman

Make Her

Don’t believe in magic

Moth spinning on

Its head        her mother

makes mistakes mistook

silhouettes of stars

hung like sex

center             stitched

a whole

worth           wings

Don’t repeat when spoken

The legend of man

goes like this:

His is sent with all lost balloons. Your house: crooked lust, dirt worth a drought slice a star in sphere stuck sweeter in the doorway. What was once a gown is twice the fit. Mouth the wish of a cake blown black onto needles   the needless and the flavor  hits the flesh. The sky resembles no movie tonight but you’ve Up and gone Locked Rake in the roses.

Make    talk

Man he can

speak dog

that sent you


wander     up

the skirts of cities


a plenty

a party of thought of facts of spirits

eight legs kicking, consideration

crater in the bathtub no

room for miss

took you for a land

sorry stirs the kitty

pool: the last    lick

they   last.

Greasy hips roam after room. Risen innocence and in a sense, starving weight of bluebells a lick of dream a waiting. Wet felt better    skeletons the length   of silk.
In my house

In my house

No horses are swept under

Wearing corner Ikea peaches

Oh you’ve mushed the flesh  !!

Better looking back

inside and          out

door no dinner I tried I tried

How can you count on two hands?

Hear say

they say

they last

in reason.

Swollen daises drenched in color

Saw you up   sorry     feather

no point  a     cross a         sunrise

In my house In my house

talk morning take swanneck

bit of the ends

no talk on body no

the end the means

the end    meaning

Unremarkable bleeding, a shift into

a pair of swans

I care I carried

The difference between A and B

Toiling daisies backs to bed

Between impacted ribbons and sky

saw serenity there, A

Strip, Butchered sea

spoke of death worship of

The Loveless

The Loveliest

Bit     By      Bit       By           Bitten

Swerving up the necks of swans

An ankle broke by break so took

The Good Ones

The Good Ones

I itch, irregular

see silver

Eat silver unfair, unusual shape

cavity horse cant splinter onto a sunset

wide as ash as taste as  was

called for   leftright        for

Pleasure and Harbor

You do what  I cant

Immortality in the shape of                                        A Headboard


Sticking on your girly tits

O so such I sewed

Apple skins by wings by swallo

A halo   out tiara

the Blessed  One