Colin Anderson is a self-proclaimed “art wizard,” originally from the northwest United States. Now in Oakland, Colin enjoys pulp fiction, tattoos, comics, sweaters and prog metal. Currently, he is practicing his two favorite mystical arts: freelance illustration and comics. Always on the go, one can often find Colin riding the BART train to his next destination.

Ian Axe is Looking to illuminate the mind, to further its travels down paths away from the usual routes of perception, guiding us into a universe of mystical artifacts and imagery, Ian aid’s us in the effort to break the mundane understanding of our world, to help us see it anew.

Francisco Bastidas is an Ecuadorian industrial designer born in 1991.

Brooke Burrowes makes prints and is trying to find some answers.

Will Durkee was born in San Francisco and grew up 16 miles away in
Marin County. He was very lucky in that as a child, creativity and
expression was not only encouraged but greatly praised by his family.
This has lead to him being very aspirational as an artist at CCA,
going to the obsessive extremes of building a psychedelic temple to
celebrate life and art, or illustrating a passionate graphic novel to
deal with his pathetic love life. Will’s goal is always to unravel the
inner self and become closer to others, while enjoying the mystery of
being a crazy human being.

Nathan Gale writes and lives in Oakland California.

Michael Gallagher is a poet from Stockton, California and is currently a writing major at CCA. His favorite things to do are playing writing, playing music and skateboarding. His poetry is somewhat lyrical in sound and influenced by the art of spoken word. Michael’s first poems were lyrics to a punk rock band. Some of his favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut, Alan Moore, and Ray Bradbury. One day he hopes to publish a manuscript or travel the world reading poems.

Nick Heskes is an undergraduate painter in the CCA Lampist program. He is also involved in the field of tightrope walking, and would consider himself more the legs of any table than some shifty tablecloth; although he does find tablecloths that stand alone particularly interesting and significant. Regardless, he believes table tops to be of no consequence to poetry, legs or not.

Sometimes he drifts haplessly among the clouds, while other times he collides fortuitously into rocks deep inside caves. He likes to believe that these clumsy routines will hopefully amount to something in the end.

Jillian McCann‘s intention is to break the boundary of the fourth wall. In theatrical terms, this is the boundary between the actors and the audience. In her practice, she builds interactive installations involving the themes of home, comfort and a sense of belonging. The body is apart of her material library and her background in improvisational performance has influenced her vignettes, creating a hybrid practice.

Zoe McCartney is a senior majoring in animation. Since the age of seven she had planned to study Jewelry/Metal Arts, but that all changed when she was 19 and took an animation course, which gave her a mild identity crisis. She tends to tell stories that although interesting, have no point. She enjoys preforming magic tricks, sculpting, drawing and chocolates. Zoe has a cat named Persephone who has been trained to sit and meow on command.

Lizzy Myers’s first obsession in life was Barbie. Growing up, she was both fascinated and oppressed by the presented feminine ideologies that she voraciously read about in Seventeen. By age thirteen, her and her best friend created and sold (for $1) their own satirical teen magazine.
‪Ever since her pubescent days of yore, Lizzy has been compelled to challenge and reinterpret the male gaze. Through the mediums of photography, writing and video, Lizzy conveys her interest in the act of looking, ideal beauty, the erotic and the absurd. ‬‬‬

Dylan Pliskin is a sophomore writing major at California College of the Arts. He was born in San Diego, but recently moved to Oakland. The Bay area’s biodiversity has served as an important source of inspiration for him since he has moved there.

Aaron Robinson was born in Berkeley California. At a young age he began a passion for art. During his youth most of his artistic skill was self-taught using the style of art he saw on television. He would later decide to take a step back from creating art to take up programming. After 5 years without creating any pieces of work he decided to take a class in Digital Art not knowing what it would consist of. With a year of community college under his belt he was recommended to apply. The piece is a take on sushi and for the most part meant to be mostly left to visual interpretation.

Adam Springer‘s work appropriates from vintage comic books, using said images as a meens to explore new color combinations.

Zoe Tuck was born in Texas, but now lives and works in Oakland. Zoe co-curated the Condensery Reading Series and has been published in Troubling the Line, Moholy Ground, See You Next Tuesday, Mondo Bummer, Manifest Anthology (Vol. 1), The Seven ____ Stories About the Seven ____ Seas, Where Eagles Dare, and Try!.

A.B. Young holds this quotation by Sylvia Plath close to her heart: “That’s a scary mask, brah.”

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