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What moves us to create? What moves us to write? Humble Pie radio show is a vessel for the writing community to connect, support each other, share our work and offer insights into our creative process.

Join us at 6pm every Thursday! Listen to the latest episode here or visit CCA Radio for more and to get on our mailing list. Contact us at to be featured. 

Humble Pie, Episode 5: Caroline Goodwin

Join us for an interview with poet, writer, and the soul of Humble Pie Magazine, Caroline Goodwin.

Humble Pie, Episode 4: Matthew Sobin

Join us this week for an interview with writer Matthew Sobin.

Humble Pie, Episode 3: Reno Nevada

“How many things I suppressed convincing myself they were okay, but they were never really okay.”

An electric and surprisingly hilarious conversation with Reno Nevada on non-binary identity, growing up in dual culture and navigating trauma through poetry and writing. (…and for a lot of Arina laughing like a gecko.)

Humble Pie, Episode 1: David Marchetti

After 15 years as a television producer, David joins CCA community to pursue photography and writing.