Volume 18 – I Kersten Christianson

Greens & Lanterns

~Kersten Christianson

She believes in her grieving,

yet believes in ordinary people…

                                                    -Vivian Faith Prescott

Winter’s cavity floods the maw
where skunk cabbage greens

in spring, their lanterns splash
hopeful luminescence

and yet, in the meantime of bare
branch, cut glass moon, I believe

in the luster of ordinary people: the tug
scuttler, with whom I’ll share drink

and stories; the laborer with worn hands,
warm heart; the well-read friend

quoting Tolkien, dabbling in poetry.
Here, I nurture my desire in stillness,

in night-coffee wash, encrusted by ice
Here I wait, for splash of lemon,

of gold, hues of healing
to melt my outcast heart.